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The most significant requirement to have a successful, elegant and unforgettable party is to have a DJ who is not only an expert at it but also loves DJing. Moreover, you should appoint someone who knows how to entertain your guests accordingly! As a Persian wedding DJ, it has been my pleasure to perform at many splendid, luxurious and yet fun Persian weddings in Canada, especially greater Vancouver area.    

About Me

There are two matters that truly fascinate me in this world. The first one is science, and the other one is music. These are the reasons that I got my degree studying Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University. After I finished my undergraduate study, I studied for one year to go to medical college. And now, I am a med student! I also have been working as a mobile DJ. I have started DJing in 2008 in Vancouver, and since then, I have done many different types of events in the lower mainland. In my opinion, when you are hiring a DJ for your event, you should consider some important factors. Following is some of them:

  • a DJ is not only a person who mixes songs for your party, but he/she should entertain the crowd in a professional way.

  • a DJ should respect the song list that you might have for your event, even if he/she doesn't like your selection.

  •  a DJ should wear appropriate attire for the event you have.

  • a DJ should be best at crowd reading, and he/she should be able to integrate his music library with the crowed's taste.

  • being on time, and working with other vendors at the event are also qualities that a DJ should have.








I have done so many weddings over the past years, and experienced different types of them; Persian, Persian/Canadian, Persian/Afghan, Persian/Asian.

House Party

House Parties are my favourite since I can play different styles of dance music. Birthday party, family gathering, graduation, private's party are examples of House parties.
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